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Registering for ADSL

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Registering for ADSL

My rural Exchange has recently been set a trigger level of 150 registrations. We have reached 50 so far.

We have a local village website and I would like to promote ADSL registration on it. I thought of using PlusNet's registration service but frankly, I have been surprised at how difficult it is to find it !! Logged in as a member, it is impossible; I spent nearly half an hour trawling through. It may be hidden there somewhere but, from a marketing point of view, PlusNet is missing the point. Perhaps this could be pointed out to the marketing department.

I did manage to find the Force 9 registration scheme using a search engine and eventually found the PlusNet one for non-PlusNet customers ! However, the Registration page is not very user friendly and goes into too much detail.

Does PlusNet have a more simple ADSL registration page to which I could link on our village website ? Remember, we are country yocals and most of us cannot read ! So it does need to be simple or people will be put off.

Finally, in my reserch I came across, which is self explanatory. However, it is worth mentioning that PlusNet does pretty well in their monthly rating chart, beating all the big names in respect of speed, reliability and customer service. PlusNet is also ranked number 4 for ADSL pricing out of about 50 ISPs (but don't tell them in case they put their prices up !)

I admit to blowing my top from time to time, but I must give PlusNet credit where it is due. Well done.

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Registering for ADSL

It's on the front page of the sales orientated website, on the right hand side.