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Recommended ISP?


Recommended ISP?

I've read loads of posts about terrible service from PN and people are leaving for other ISP's.

Can anyone recommend a good ISP?
I've had a ticket open for over a month with no resolution Sad

I just want a stable connection for about £25 a month on a monthly contract.
I don't want much, but if I can get 8Mb unlimited, even better Wink

I've been looking at the freedom2surf packages:

Anyone have any experience of these or alternatives?



Recommended ISP?

Take a look on - they have some useful comparison tools where you can see how other ISPs compare to Plus. Generally Plus fare very well, so you may be surprised. Although their data only goes forward as far as March 2006 so you won't be able to see how the last two months have affected them just yet...

And for all Plus' faults, I think asking for other ISP recommendations on their own forums is a little bit, well you know Smiley

Recommended ISP?

As has been mentioned by franklin31 ADSLGuide would be a better place to look and ask.
There are one or two threads already available on the 'Everything Internet' thread and as such am locking this one to avoid flooding the forum with too many alike threads as it were.