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Really slow web browsing.............


Really slow web browsing.............

Worse than 56k, i'm guessing DNS problems?

I'll type in a website - 30 seconds later the site will load up really fast, but it takes 30 seconds for it to even start doing anything.

Any one else having any problems?
Any suggestions?

Really slow web browsing.............

I have the same problem over the weekend (especaily Sunday). I don't even bother to do a speed test. It takes ages to load google. I have checked my BT2100 router and both the DSL and wireless lights were on. I rebooted everything and still no use. It's kind of intermittent. Even the antenna symbol showed 'very good' reception but still very slow.

Really slow web browsing.............

Have you tried a different web browser, mozilla firefox for instance to see whether the problem is still in evidence?

Really slow web browsing.............

Have you seen my signature Wink

The problem is still occuring Sad

Really slow web browsing.............

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Really slow web browsing.............

I've been having widely varying speed issues recently, including frequent dis-connections.

The disconnection issue was resolved by replacing the splitter on my telephone and, fingers crossed, I think the erratic speed issue has been resolved by switching from Firefox back to Internet Explorer! Using Firefox for just the web pages that I-E seems to fail with.

I think it's best to set Firefox aside 'til they've resolved the two security issues just reported.

I think that PlusNet's connection support guides are superb, together with the MTU guidance in the adsl Forum.



Very slow for me

The plusnet speed test is giving my 2MB line about 1MB performance.

Was ok yesterday.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 2272 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 23.5 db 15.0 db
Noise Margin 29.8 db 21.0 db

Seems rather shakey. Not too pleased.

Really slow web browsing.............

And now, exactly the same noise/attenuation and I get 235k/s on the speedtest.

Most odd.