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Really bad download speeds


Really bad download speeds

I have been having this problem for over a week now, where my download speeds are lower than my sync rate. Currently i am syncing at 2848 down from approx 4000kbps 4 weeks ago! i am supposed to be on upto 8mb. at this point i will be happy to get anything over 3000kbs. Did a speed test my current speed is only 500-600kbps and thats not a typo!

Bt have done a line check and state there is no fault on the line

On top of that since i raised a fault my connection keeps dropping the adsl light starts to flash on the router. I have to then power down to get it work again. (there is no fixed time for this happens randomly)

Any ideas on what this is all about
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Really bad download speeds


I think the dropping sync is probably related to the speed issue and is probably the thing I would concentrate on first because if you can resolve that I think it will probably see an improvement in speed.

My first suggestion is to take a read through this:

to see if anything there helps. Any incorrect wiring or filters could easily cause this type of problem.

If nothing there helps, can you post your line stats? This page shows how to get them on most routers/modems:

Really bad download speeds

Dont have wriing issues aor filters checked them both.

Here are my line stats
Connection Status Connected
Us Rate (Kbps) 288
Ds Rate (Kbps) 2848
US Margin 21
DS Margin 12
Trained Modulation GDMT
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 44
US Line Attenuation 20
Peak Cell Rate 679 cells per sec
CRC Rx Fast 0
CRC Tx Fast 0
CRC Rx Interleaved 474
CRC Tx Interleaved 6
Path Mode Interleaved