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Random External FTP problem.


Random External FTP problem.

This is driving me nuts...for some reason I get random connection errors to some external ftp sites in both ACTIVE and PASV mode...the EXACT same site tried from two other connections, NTL and BT Openworld have no problems connecting to the same site. I can login but when I try a list/dir command, I get no directories returned and my conn is closed. But sometimes it works!

In all 3 cases there is NO firewall in place on the router or the PC's, and the PC's have the same settings, I know I've spent all afternoon testing this Smiley

To cap it off, I took the hardware from the BT connection, set up the router to use my plusnet account - no other settings were changed - and still the FTP failed. So, took my original router to and plugged that into the BT connection using the BT account details and lo-and-behold, I got a connection to teh FTP site first time. I did this 3 times to be sure...I even used my laptop (to ensure there wasn't a difference in PC settings) and everytime the BT connection got me connected and plusnet didn't., if the same hardware on different connetions for the same site work, but none of the hardware using the plusnet connection can connect to the FTP site, doesn't that mean the problem lies with plusnet?

Is there a specific range of ftp PASV ports in use by plusnet, i.e., 1025 - 5000?

I'm using a Teleworking Pro account.

Frustrated, annoyed and losing money and time Sad