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Random Disconnects


Random Disconnects

Evil Hi Everyone:

All I seem to be posting on this forum since I joined plusnet is complaints and problems but thats all I'm getting:

My current problem is that I am being randomly disconnected from the internet for no particular reason, just now I was disconnected and it took me over 10 minutes to reconnect as I kept getting this error message- remote computer not responding.

All I was doing when I was diconnected was looking at a webppage and downloading a file which bring me to the fact that my bittorrent download speed are really terrible even though I'm a "Premier," what a joke, customer.

This disconnecting problem happens whatever the weather and time happens to be and sometimes I not able to view webpages but I can download files which is very strange.

Anyway I contacted Plusnet about these problems and they said they had resolved my speed problems even though now they are worse and also suggest an alternate DNS server IP that would hopefully solve my problem, which it hasn't.

I won't say what I think of Plusnets services at the moment, as its not fit to print.

Although I will say this- Come back BT, all is forgiven!!!

Please help a desperate soul.

Random Disconnects

yeah the speed issues for premier customers are a bit beyond a joke, had I known PlusNet fiddle with the bandwidth on these accounts I would have gone elsewhere.

your not the only one mate.

Random Disconnects

You'll find that ppl don't use the boards if they're happy with the service. A lot of other ISP's had them removed for this reason.

BT have a history of randomly changing T&C, pricing etc, as well as dealing a record number of complaints and dissatisfaction with the service (source: Which?). If you're happy with an ISP Bully then by all means go back to them. Personally I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

Random Disconnects

forgive me if this sounds patronising,

I work in IT, I have been a DSL user since it's launch, and Plusnet have been the worst ISP I've had so far.

I joined them because of a good price deal at the time, the extra £2 I am saving myself is not worth the grief I'm getting cause I actually cannot perform my job functions with the bandwidth management setup they are using.

Random Disconnects

Hi there, misterjesus.

That last post intrigued me.

I own an IT company. Our servers, workstations, support systems and workshop are all connected through a Business 2mb account and function perfectly.

VPN, remote access and support along with general email, browsing and downloads all function within spec and expectations.

What aspect of your business account is proving to be the problem. I take business account issues to heart, as we are paying a premium and should not see any major problems.

Random Disconnects

pcsni -

oh lord no, I'd never use ADSL for my office business needs.

I only use Plusnet for my home account, but I work from home frequently in the evenings and weekends.

Random Disconnects

Ah, it was the fact that you reinforced your point with
I actually cannot perform my job functions with the bandwidth management setup they are using.
that gave me cause for concern.

I wouldnt have thought a professional would be using a residential account for business. :lol:

Random Disconnects

err, residential and business DSL are all provided from the same exchanges.

so the contention ratio is different.

still no SLA on business grade DSL,

and there's the rub really.

but i pay for a DSL account I expect it to be useable.