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Random Disconnects / Wiring Advice


Random Disconnects / Wiring Advice


I'm currently having problems with random disconnections when using a Speedtouch 330 on a linux machine. I'm not sure yet whether it's a problem with the signal strength of the ADSL coming into the house or with the stability of the driver on the linux machine.

I've decided to start by investigating the wiring in my house. Using a laptop with windows xp and a Voyager 105 modem I have measured the following:

At the master socket, faceplate removed, I get:
Local Attenuation 32.5
Local SNR 27.5
Remote Attenuation 22
Remote SNR 13.5

At the extension in my house, with the rest of the wiring in place I get:
Local Attenuation 33
Local SNR 19.5
Remote Attenuation 22
Remote SNR 13

I have a 2mbit connection. Is the SNR Margin value too low for a stable connection when the rest of the circuit is plugged in (the second set of results)?

Would it be worth installing a master socket with integral microfilter and seperate wiring to the modem so that I can achieve the first set of results?

I'd greatly appreciate any help / advice before I go to the expence of rewiring bits of my house.



Random Disconnects / Wiring Advice

try looking at the wiring going up to the pc.