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Quick question about 8Mb upgrade

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Quick question about 8Mb upgrade

I recently got the same email inviting me to upgrade from 2Mb to 8Mb. Well, maybe 8Mb! My router claims my line has the following stats:

S/N, downstream: 11.5 dB

Attenuation, downstream: 36 dB
upstream: 23 dB

Loop Distance: about 7 K ft

That last figure especially is probably iffy. Router is a D-Link DSL-504. Do you guys think there's any point in trying to upgrade, given my pretty low signal-to-noise?
The splitter is plugged into the master socket. The only other device attached is a BT cordless phone.

Thanks a lot!
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Quick question about 8Mb upgrade


As you say that SNR is quite low, considering the attenuation it's actually a lot lower than I would expect. With that attenuation I'd probably expect mid to high twenties for the SNR. Might be worth swapping the filter and modem lead and trying it without the phone connected and see if that SNR figure increases.

Based on the figures as they are, you're likely to see maybe 2.5 - 3Mbps after the regrade depending on how stable the line is now. If it's anyway unstable now then I would say to stay on 2Mbps, if by checking the wiring and filters, etc. you can increase that SNR then there wouldn't be a problem I wouldn't have thought.