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Quick Qestion


Quick Qestion

I got maxed last thursday my modem reporting a nice 7616 conection and has more or less stayed that way since

However 5 days on and half way though the training period plusnet still shows my only connecting at 2 meg is this normal or is it time to raise a ticket

I have no problems other than those were all having at the moment

Thanks Cheesy
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Quick Qestion

It is not clear if you are asking a question/for help or just making a statement about being Maxed?

If its why has your data rate not changed, well, sometimes it takes longer then 2 or 3 days, sometimes it gets stuck and never changes which is a fault.

You have to wait at least 12/13 days before you can report any issues relating to your speed upgrade.

Quick Qestion

Sorry didnt mean to make a statement no was just asking as on the page it said you should expect to see a plusnet change in speed after 3 days and its been 5 nearly 6 so was just checking its all as it should be thats all