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Question regarding ADSL activation

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Question regarding ADSL activation


I have a query which i hope someone can anwser

I signed up with plsunet on sunday the 29th of june so far all the stages in the tracker are green its now at the stage where its been submitted to BT for activation,
I have had my USB modem plugged in since monday
the ADSL light has been flashing away until TUESDAY when BOTH the lights became steady green,
I then phoned PLUSNET support yesterday afternoon and was told that i would have to wait untill today WEDNESDAY as BT release a report each day around 12 midday with datails of Users they have activated and once they get details from BT they can switch my account on (so far so good) lol

I have just come of the phone from support again and was told a completely different story,
I was told that it wont be ready today as BT do further tests and run some kind of burn in test he also said they will be testing the line and from time to time the ADSL light on my modem will go out which is strange as its been on steady green since yesterday afternoon.

Im a little confused here as we all know that in reality BT only take couple of days to enable the line

i hope someone can help as im a little bit unhappy as i was given information by a plusnet agent yesterday saying i would be up and running all i need to do he said is phone in the next day and if your on the list we will activate your account

Cheers Couger
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Question regarding ADSL activation

You can see the line sync light come on and be steady for a few days before you get activated.
All the light means is that BT have wired up the DSLAM to your line in the exchange and it is seeing your Modem or Router.
BT still have to complete the set up of your routing to PlusNet and will inform Plusnet when this is done.
Untill then PlusNet cant activate you.

Oh I have also changed the all capital title of this post to normal text.
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Question regarding ADSL activation

Hi John

Thanks for your reply
heres a update on my connection

Just recived this email from plusnet after i phoned support and infrormed them that i can log onto the BT TEST site and that i can also reach the plusnet server as i get a invaild password response on the domain when attmepting to connect

Dear Sven Hatch,

We are pleased to inform you that your ADSL Home Self-Install (Monthly Contract) ADSL connection is now active. Once you have installed your ADSL connection hardware and telephone line splitters, you can connect to ADSL straight away. This email contains the information you will need to set up your connection equipment, so please read and keep it for your reference.

Thought i would let you and everyone know that it is possible to be connected in such a short time as im now typing this message whilst connected to PLUSNET

I was connected in 3 days now thats service

also another thread interesting thread

Cheers Sven Hatch

Question regarding ADSL activation

Thats not fair!

I ordered ADSL on Friday 27th and I'm still on the 'initial Plusnet checks' according to the ADSL Tracker. I did choose the direct debit option though so maybe they're waiting for that?

I've waited so long for a broadband enabled exchange, then I moved to Worksop and the last 7-10 days of actually waiting for an active ADSL connection are killing me!! It's like waiting for Christmas but worse!

oh well....not long now....

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Question regarding ADSL activation

Don't worry, it's worth it! Smiley