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Query re Line condition


Query re Line condition

Some advice , please

I'm on 1MB - my router stats are as follows:

SNR 10 dB

ATEN Downstream 61 dB
ATEN Upstream 31 dB

Loop Distance
Loop Distance 12 K ft.

On a good day - which is more often than not - I'm getting about 920 kbps.

Am I right in thinking that my Downstream aten is very high given my loop distance? If so, what should I be doing about it?

If these figures are not out of line, can I assume that 2mb is out of the question?

Sorry if these are rather naive questions!

Ken Jones
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Query re Line condition

According to the 12k ft your line route is 3.65854 Kilometres to the exchange so yes I would say that the 61dB loss shown is a little on the high side.
I would expect about 55dB given the distance quoted.

You will definitely not be able to get 2meg with that level of line loss.

If its working then I don't think you will be able to get BT to do much about it, but if it is giving you a lot of problems then you need to get PlusNet to investigate it for you and they can contact BT to see if anything can be done.

Query re Line condition


Thanks for that - very helpful!