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Quckie Question any users that visit....


Quckie Question any users that visit....


Im a subscriber to fileplanet thus i dont have to wait in a queue to download the files that im wanting to get.

I've recently regraded from 1mb to 2mb, on 1mb i was getting around 75k and now on 2mb im still getting the same speed (which is rather strange)

So i emailed FP and i got an email back sayin that "there servers are working 100% and theres no problems at all"

So the question is this:-
Anyone else on 1mb or 2mb that has access to FilePlanets private servers (for subscribers) that have pretty poor speeds as to the speeds i mentioned above?

Im just tryna rule out if there's a problem with the way im routed or if there is actually a problem at there end or maybe the problem is elsewhere.

Any feed back would be just Mmmmarvellous



Quckie Question any users that visit....

Do you happen to know if they have servers located in the UK, or are they all US based? If they're international you will see some speed loss (however, I wouldn't expect it to be that high).

Could you try downloading a big file, such as a linux distro, from to see what speeds you get? May also be worth trying the PlusNet speedtest or the ADSLGuide speedtest.

Quckie Question any users that visit....

Well theres mainly US servers but they have a UK link aswell, but sayin that there on high speed servers and i cant see any increase in speed from 1mb to 2mb connection, which really shud be some increase in speed. Regardless of where the server is located if its a high end/speed wise server i shud at least expect and nice DL speed even if its not a full rampant throttle.

But 75k =1mb connection
and same on 2mb connection is a bit funny to me


Quckie Question any users that visit....

Yep, I agree. You would only lose a few kb/s at most by using international servers. Could you try the suggestion, that would prove if it was just a problem with the fileplanet links, or if your whole connection is below speed. Same with the speed tests.

Quckie Question any users that visit....

75KB does not equal a 1Mb connection.

The maximum speed from a 512Kb connection is just over 60KB/s. SO in theory, a 1Mb connection shold get 120KB/s.

Have you performed any tweaking? Very low RWIN values can account for very poor speeds on high latency link such as Fileplanet or Fileshack.

I don't have a subscription of Fileplanet or Fileshack, but thought I would perform a test. I am on a 1Mb 50:1 non-tweaked connection.

On Fileshack, the max you can get without a subscription is 100KB/s. I get 95KB/s. This is a fullspeed.

I am unsure of the max speed from a non-subscription account, however, I managed to get 112KB/s solid.

Quckie Question any users that visit....

CHeerz for replys but how does this thing work?

I havnt done any tweakin what so ever, just using the normal drivers for the modem (usb green stingray thing - with lastest drivers) I havnt done that MTU thing either coz i wudnt know what to do or to revert back incase it was worse than previous.

Thats the kinda speed i get on a 2mb (20:1) connection from Fileplanet and i was the speed for me last connection (1mb 20:1)

So seems like there's sumat not right somewhere...

Hi there!

We are not showing any network issues at this time. We would like to offer the
following to begin troubleshooting with you:

1. Shut down any and all computers
2. Turn off your modem and leave it off for no less than 3 minutes.
3. Turn your modem back on.
4. Turn on one computer only
5. Try your download again

Anything at all can effect your download speeds. Most often, an ISP on route to
FilePlanet from your location to us may experience a technical problem. You
will not take the same route to FilePlanet that you take to all other sites.
Each path online takes you through different IP's.

Issues ISP's experience include:

-virus attacks upon an ISP that cause low bandwidth
-an ISP may cap when working on an issues, then release it.
-an ISP moves a router to an older one while repairing it. The older one not as
fast as the other.
-Human error at the ISP that causes work or repairs to be done
-Local line troubles
-Upgrades to their service lines or equipment to balance load

FilePlanet is not an ISP. It is a service residing on an ISP. Our service as a
whole is not effected at this time or we would notify you of this and
apologize. Therefore the issue may be as described above and therefore we
request you allow for that possibility and continue to experiment with
different mirrors on FilePlanet.

Please continue to test your connectivity and downloads on FilePlanet for at
least 72 hours. If nothing improves, please let me know.


Christine Henderson
Lead Technical Support
IGN/GameSpy Customer Service

Thats the mail i got from FP after reproting shoddy speeds on subs servers.

I aint got any virus's and me firewall isn't limiting any speeds, im using NIS 2k3 and i dont have probs with any other DL's.



Right im just gettin a file from that site and the speed is normal on here @ 215kb/s, dunno where it is im gettin the file from i just clicked arklinux.iso and the DL started.

Quckie Question any users that visit....

Have you thought that fileplanet may be capping the download speed Huh
What speeds, if any, do they guarantee ?Huh

Quckie Question any users that visit....

That does seem rather strange.

Obtaining full speeds from means that the connection is working perfectly normal. If other servers can pass data that fast, you should get it that fast.

I find the speeds you have odtained there appaling. As you can see from my own tests, I was getting 112KB/s. That is the same as 896Kb/s (V's your 658Kb/s).

However, due to the nature of the internet, those speeds could be very acceptable, depending on the location of the download.

I did notice they had a Free Europe mirror. Do they have this for subscription customers?

Do you get the same speeds, regardless of which mirror you select?

Quckie Question any users that visit....

Yup no matter what mirror i choose its the same speed, also to note the UK download link aint in the UK LOL

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 19 ms 31 ms 31 ms []

2 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms []

3 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms []

4 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms []

5 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms []

6 93 ms 93 ms 93 ms []

7 93 ms 93 ms 93 ms []

8 93 ms 93 ms 93 ms []

9 93 ms 93 ms 93 ms []

10 93 ms 93 ms 93 ms []

11 93 ms 93 ms 138 ms []

12 109 ms 140 ms 108 ms []

13 140 ms 124 ms 139 ms []

14 140 ms 140 ms 124 ms []

15 171 ms 171 ms 171 ms []

16 171 ms 171 ms 187 ms []

17 171 ms 187 ms 171 ms []

18 171 ms 171 ms 171 ms []

19 171 ms 171 ms 186 ms

20 171 ms 171 ms 171 ms

21 171 ms 171 ms 171 ms

Trace complete.

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=276ms TTL=110

Reply from bytes=32 time=281ms TTL=110

Reply from bytes=32 time=281ms TTL=110

Reply from bytes=32 time=281ms TTL=110

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 276ms, Maximum = 281ms, Average = 279ms

ADSL Guide Speed Test
Downstream 1783 Kbps (222.9 KB/sec) 1925 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec) 262 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Plus Net Speed Test
Date: 05-05-2004 | Time: 18:01:08 | Speed: 1828.8

Quckie Question any users that visit....

I am a subscriber. i am on 512k ADSL, i get 60.76kbs. Yet the past 2 days i have been getting 19kb on the pay servers. i have had this problem a few times now and it has always been fine for my friends. so plusnet must be to blame for the problems.
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Quckie Question any users that visit....

Just because you are slow and others are not is not enough evidence to point the finger at PlusNet. There is a lot of equipment between your PC and the target system and only part of it goes through PlusNet. You will need to do further tests to determin where the problem lies before pointing any fingers.

What are your PlusNet speed tests like. If they are normal then the problem may not be PlusNets. It could easily be a propblem with a router between Plusnet and the target server.

Try doing a tracert to your pay server and see where the delays are, and ppost your finding here so others can comment if your not sure of what it is telling you.

Quckie Question any users that visit....

i have done all the tests and been in contact with plusnet before. they told me it was a router isure outside their controle. but it seems to work fine for my friend who has another isp. the connection seems to be back to normal 60.76kbs now but when it does drop down again i will post tracert results.
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Quckie Question any users that visit....

Different ISPs will take different routes to remote sites, so while you may hit a bad or slow router with your connection (or take a much longer route due to link falures), your friends may take a completely different route that does not use it. Thus you have a problem and they don't.

If you get your friends to do a tracert to the same website as you, you will see it use different nodes to start with then at some point you will converge onto the same route nearer the target website.