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Logging in this evening I was presented with a service information page from BT advising me that I had 6 possible reasons why it had taken me there instead of the internet home page.
One of these included account problems and others were domain tests can someone throw some light on this as I have never had this before.
Also e-mail was unobtainable. :?


If the BT network from your exchange to the Plusnet servers cannot connect for some reason, you are liable to be redirected to this message.
Chances are there was an outage somewhere in the BT network or your exchnage could have been worked upon.


I beleive there may be a problem which I am going to add my worried to here.

On monday a new account that I am responsible for went live. Whilst on site performing some reboots (the foot kind, literaly), the dialup line went dead and within an hour, ADSL was active.

Once eventualy authenticated, the static IP was assigned, however, all traffic was redirected to the authentication failure screen BT supply.

A equipment reboot solved this (though it was only logged in for 5 mins before the reboot)

It does seem that some sort of problem happened.

The only thing I can think of here is it may have related to the installation of the new ADSL pipe today, whilst finaly preperations where made for the go live (it's live by the way).

Unless it happens again, o becomes widespread, I can't see anything PlusNet can do.

One off's are hard to investigate.