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Psion 5 Config for SAR110 console access ?


Psion 5 Config for SAR110 console access ?

Right, here's a weird and wacky one for you.

My poor laptop is ill, so I've got to send it back to the manufacturer, but in the meantime, I still have my little Psion 5 PDA. It's enough to do some basic web browsing and e-mail on. I usually do this via my mobile (IRDA), but as I have a broadband connection, I was just wondering if I can get away with using that somehow.

Has anyone managed to configure TCP/IP via their serial connection so that it uses the console port of the Solwise Router ?

I know it'll be slow, as the serial port will obviously have a limit to the data transfer, but I'd rather have a slow connection than pay for transferring data over my mobile.

I looked at the "Hyperterminal" settings for the router. Whilst my little Psion doesn't have hyperterminal, it has something called "Comms". I told it to use the serial port, 38400bd, 8bit,no parity, even, and restarted the router, but that doesn't appear to show anything on screen. I pretty much set it up as per the Solwise info on the support page.

Anyone tried this ? I know it's a really wacky thing to try, but why not ? If it works, it'll save me a few quid in GRPS charges....


Psion 5 Config for SAR110 console access ?

This will not be possible.

The com port on the router, is used for configuration of the router only. This is for when the firewall locks you out, seeing startup diagnostics (before the tcp/ip stack loads) and times when you don't knwo the IP.