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Proxy server settings?


Proxy server settings?

After spending a week trying to get ICS working on our LAN, I followed the advice I found on another thread and downloaded a free proxy server.

The first one I dowloaded was AnalogueX - and although it seemed straightforward to set up, I'm having very erratic results from the wireless computer and have yet to access PN email from there.

I've changed the proxy settings on Netscape and IE to the IP address of the host computer, made sure the ports are assigned correctly - but when I connect to the internet I can only get one or two pages loaded before I get pages which say 'the page you've requested cannot be found on our server.' (eg loads Google as a start page, enter a search term into the box and click on search, loads new page with appropriate links - but clicking on the links for some reason causes google to search it's own server rather than going to the correct website.) (I also tried a different program - FreeProxy - and the results were pretty much the same - if I knew the exact webaddress of a site I could get there, but couldn't get much, if any, further.)

The email issue (using Outlook Express) is that it just cannot connect. I've checked the connection settings, made sure it was trying to access it through the LAN, I've tried several configurations with Analogue X to try and get it to access email through PN and nothing seems to work. All the other PN accounts are set up to access individual mailboxes by the following format: username+mailbox - but this didn't seem to work. I even tried
hostIP/110/username+mailbox (which used to work with a program I used before for spam filtering) and that didn't work. (I also downloaded and installed sockscap and tried it through that and it didn't help at all.)

Anyone have a clue? Or even a better suggestion for a free proxy?

Baffled again,

Ilene :?

Proxy server settings?

Nevermind! I found a typo LOL Shockedops:
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Proxy server settings?

Is that 'nevermind' as in 'problem solved'? If not, how do you have FreeProxy set up?

Proxy server settings?

Yeah, 'nevermind' as in, some fool set up the email to access the proxy using rather than LOL