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Proxy Server and HijackThis log


Proxy Server and HijackThis log

I was having a look through a HijackThis log file to sort out a Spyware problem when I came across this entry:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyServer = http=;ftp=

I previously was using Freeserve for dial up but have now moved onto PluNet's Easystart package. I was just curious really as to whether this makes any difference or if I need to change anything. I assume it means that I still use Freeserve as a proxy server, but don't really know what this means or what the implications are.
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Proxy Server and HijackThis log

It is possible IE is still setup to use freeserves proxy as that is what automatically gets configured when you nistall freeserve from CDCrom.

As you summizes, PlusNet does not need this and I'm actually surprised it is still working.

Try removing the proxy setup from IE and reboort and see if everything is still working afterwards. You can find the proxy settings on tools->internet options->connections tab -> click on lan settings and you untick 'use a proxy server'. If you don't have a lan settings button available it may be related to a dialup networking entry on the connections tab page.

It's also possible the above setting is unticked (meaning you are not using the proxy settings) but it is still configured for a proxy. You just need to remove the info from IE.

Proxy Server and HijackThis log

I just had a look at my LAN settings, and the 'use proxy' button was unchecked, so I suppose that it is just another Freeserve legacy as you say. Thanks for the reply Peter, I was just curious when I saw that in the log.