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Promises not delivered/abysmal customer service


Promises not delivered/abysmal customer service


Has anyone else experienced huge delays in broadband being activated for a new order?

I ordered on Friday 4th August and believe the service should be up and running within 5-7 working days. However, my order has not been put through the checking phase yet, this being Thursday 17th August. Plusnet have done absolutely nothing to process my order in 13 days.

Plusnet also inform you that they will update you regularly by e-mail and they have failed on this also.

Plusnet are practically impossible to contact by telephone right now. I have been in a queue for nearly an hour several times before being forced to give up holding.

I want to contact Plus Net and say that if my order is not activated by the end of the week I want to cancel. I am finding this impossible though.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Promises not delivered/abysmal customer service

I've been trying to cancel for over a month. I have left messageson the help assistant which they have just deleted. I have sent a letter by recorded delivery 3 weeks ago which I have also heard nothing back from. It has to be said that this is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Good luck!

Promises not delivered/abysmal customer service

Good luck in finally cancelling.

It's likely I'll be in the same position in several weeks if that's the case.

Very annoying, this company seem to think they never have to speak to or even to communicate to customers, take as long as they like to do anything despite promises about how long it will take and not update you the way they say they will.


So much for the half decent review they got on the following link.

Check it out for a potentially better ISP but I'm not sure how reliable it is as you'll notice Plus Net don't get that bad a review!

Promises not delivered/abysmal customer service

Part of the delay could be caused if you had opted to pay your first payment by DD rather than by card - although the delay is usually just 3-5 business days.
Has any payment been taken yet? If it has, it suggests that somw progress has/is being made.
I have experienced a few issues in the past, where new sign-ups see no progress at all on the progress meter, until one day - everything appears to be done all at once.
Have you got any hardware to test the connection with? Have you ordered hardware and are waiting for delivery?