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Process post ISDN work


Process post ISDN work


Our exchange becomes enabled this week and a BT engineer is coming to remove ISDN next Wednesday lunchtime.

Can someone please let me know what happens after that? How long does it take before ADSL is activated? Do I have to do anything or will it just happen overnight? Do I just leave the router switched on with my new ADSL settings?

For anyone who has been down the ISDN -> ADSL route, I suppose there's no alternative but to use dial-up until ADSL is activated?

Cheers. Smiley


Process post ISDN work

If you have chosen the ISDN conversion, by organising it through your ISP, then the ADSL should be up and running the same day, or at max within 24 hours.

As ADSL orders for exchanges to be activated can't be submitted to BT until the exchange is confirmed enabled, it does not sound like this approach has been taken.

Can you clarify how you organised the ISDN to be removed?

It is more expensive to arrange for removal seperatly, than to organise a managed conversion through your ISP.

Process post ISDN work

Thanks for your reply.

Plusnet have organised the ISDN conversion by BT and Plusnet have confirmed the time the engineer with come as 10th Dec pm. My exchange will be enabled tomorrow 3rd Dec.

Does this clarify it? Does the 24 hours max apply in these circumstances?


[Moderator's note (by acarr): Removed full quote of previous message. This only serves to make life hard in reading the thread.]

Process post ISDN work

Most ISDN conversions should see ADSL the same day as the conversion, provided there line is deemed compatible after the change.

If not, this is then reversed back to ISDN / HH

The within 24 hours comment should still apply, and is only there as a cussion for when BT should report to PlusNet of when you are up and running.