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Problems with internet access/speed


Problems with internet access/speed


I have recently started experiencing really slow internet access from my pc.

Things were fine and now they aren't ! I am not aware of changing anything.

Many sites just time out or need the refresh button to connect. Quite often I have to press the stop button in ie and retry. This works sometimes.
Certain pages refuse to display, for instance the plusnet speed test results.

I've deleted all cache files, cookies etc. I've switched off my firewall and its made no difference. I've changed all the browser security settings etc back to default.

I had previously used the BT mtu optimizer so this was also run again to reset to the default values. No improvement.

I don't believe this is an ADSL problem as I have connected two different m/cs to my router and both are fine.

Platform is Win200, IE 6 and has all the lates patches/security fixes installed.

I would apreciate any help/guidance

Many thanks

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Problems with internet access/speed

Have you performed a power cycle on your router?

This has cured similar reported issues in the past.

Problems with internet access/speed

Hi Peter

Sorry forgot to mention that, yes I have. No difference.

Also as mentioned other 'puters connected to the router work fine !

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