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Problems with Router!!!


Problems with Router!!!

Hi Guys,

Please can somebody help me or advise me.

I recently got broadband, 2MB line. At first it was a nightmare connecting to the service as my router kept flashing the ADSL LED and would not connect. I tried all ways of connecting, even extension cables, but no luck. I had an extension upstairs, and plugged the filter and then the router directly into the port and it all worked. But this was a problem as the cables were not long enough.

I got a modem cable that was long enough, but as soon as that is connected, it connects for about a few minutes and then disconnects and hardly connects back on and the synch light keeps flashing.

So now, downstairs where the original line is, i have my USB modem connected and working fine.

But i have a router that i really want to use so i can use my laptops to share the connection.

Anybody have any ideas? I have tried having the USB modem downstairs and the router upstairs, but it just disconnects after a while saying it cannot establish a link with PPP......


Also, for a 2 MB line (though my line nmay support only 1MB currently) what is the rate i should be having? Im finding it fairly slow at times.....

Problems with Router!!!

Well you can only have one adsl device (modem or modem/router) on the line at a time.
Which router do you have ?
Maybe the best idea would be to get a wireless combined modem/router connect direct to main BT socket and run all PC's wirelessly.

Problems with Router!!!

Its a Mentor 4 port ADSL router.

I thought you could have more than one device connected?

Problems with Router!!!

You cant even have a second device plug in or none of it will work. Even if the second device isnt turned on it will stop you connecting
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Problems with Router!!!

1 device per line, I would try and use the router if you can, these tend to be more secure than the modem because routeres tend to have build in firewalls or Nat at the very least. Cant you just run a length of CAT5 down the stairs?