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Problems with DNS server again...


Problems with DNS server again...

I have been trying to sign on to my Nochex account here for a while now..
Can't do it on +net, but change my DNS to (pipex) and the site is fine. once changed back i can't get in again. Can support have a peek?

Problems with DNS server again...

What connection equipment do you use?

I have had simalar issue today myself (though not on +net), and I can confirm now that changing the DNS settings resolved this.

However, we have a router, and turnign the IDS (intrusion detection system) fixed this too.

Problems with DNS server again...

I have just looked into my problem with Nochex, it's at their end. They have changed servers theselves, and not all the DNS changes have filtered through yet. Should be ok in a day or so.
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Problems with DNS server again...

Hi Colinhaigh,

I have tried this and had no problems. Do you have the same problem with all the websites you visit or just some? How long have you had the problem for? If the problem has returned or continues, please raise a Contact Us ticket via the portal and we will investigate for you further. Remember to include all the information you have.


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Problems with DNS server again...

Hi all

I cant still access Nochex, the main page come on but cant login to account or go to any other page. Have tried clearing cache, have used their hosts.dat that they sent me etc etc...Is it still their end, this is what they say :

Thank you for your email, regarding the problem with the NOCHEX website. Some users may be seeing the NOCHEX homepage, but when they click the login button they recieve "a page cannot be found error".

This is due to our servers being re-located to a new ISP. If you are seeing this problem, your ISP is still holding our old IP address on his DNS server.
The maximum time you should see this problem is 24 hours, unless your ISP is holding our old details for longer.

You can circumvent the problem by saving the attached file to the following location on your computer's hard disk.

This text file will tell your Internet browser the new IP address for

If you are running Windows 98, Windows XP save the file into the following location:


If you are running Windows NT or Windows 2000 save the file into the following location:


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
NOCHEX Technical Team