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Problems with DG834G and Connection ?


Problems with DG834G and Connection ?

Just recently regraded to 1mb, which coincided with me upgrading from A DG834 to DG834G.

The first problem is that every so often (at a guess around every 2-4 hours) the Router will reset (reset as I mean lose connection) which I have to wait upto a minute to reconnect. This, I would of thought is maybe something to do with my regrade as I don't recall this happening on 512k.

Here are some stats taken form the DG834G:-

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1152 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 55 db 31.5 db
Noise Margin 17 db 25 db

Other than the Noise Margin, which seems to fluctuate between 15-19db everything else seems to stay the same.

My second problem is that the Router will occasionally just lock up which requires a pull of the power plug to get it back. I am using FW V1.05.00. Can't even get access to the Router Setup page when this happens.

And finally my third problem is that when using the Laptop even though I have a good signal, it occasionally just loses connection with the Router.

Guess I should have gone for a Vigor 2600.

Cheers for any help.


Problems with DG834G and Connection ?

This has been happening to me today. After pulling the cable from the router a few times and letting it reboot it decided to work. Did you find any more about it?

Problems with DG834G and Connection ?

Your line Attenuation is close to the limt for a 1meg connection. See this for more details. The noise fluctuations might be enough to cause a lost connection. The laptop connection is most likely encrpytion issue can post more details of your settings. Also have a look at this

Problems with DG834G and Connection ?

I would recommend that you update to the latest firmware on the router v1.05 as all versions prior to is had major issues with them in one shape, form or another.

I have this router and recommend it to all of the people I have subscribe to PlusNet.