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Problems setting up server.


Problems setting up server.

Greetings one and all.

I`m trying to set up my own Ultima Online Server and am having problems allowing others to connect to the server.

All the software for it runs fine but i think i need to open a port up ( no. 2593 ) as that is the port used by the software to enable others to connect to my machine.

A lot of the information i have read about this problem goes on about using a router but as far as i`m aware i`m not using one. I have a Dynamode PCI ADSL Modem connected to +net`s 512k service. Am i infact using a router? If so how do i "forward port" as this is what seems to be needed. Or do i just need to open up port 2593? Again if so HOW?

Another stopping pioint may be my IP, but i`m pretty sure i`ve got that right as i`ve used the +net IP config page and set it to static and double checked it in various places.

Well tahts about all i can think of to say for now, but please ask as many questions as needed to help me get this sorted.

Problems setting up server.

There are three types of ADSL equpiment.

1: USB
2: PCI
3: Router / Ethernet modem

You are using a PCI modem, so no, you are not using a router.

You will need to make sure that there is no firewall blocking that port, and if needed, set the firewall to allow this (depends on the software).

Otherwise, if you are using XP, the built in firewall may be causing problems. Diabale this and try again.

I would advise at least some kind fo firewall if using a USB or PCI (as you are) modem.

Problems setting up server.

I'd suggest you get a router as it will be easier to setup. You can have a dedicated machine to serve the server and just open 1 port on your router to that machine. That way it will be much more secure.