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Problems post 2Mb upgrade


Problems post 2Mb upgrade

Yesterday I received the email telling me I'd been upgraded for free from 512k to 2Mb... great I thought.

Got home powered up, ran a speed test, running at around 1Mb... not the end of the world I thought.... then pow, connection dropped... and since then the same story, connection has been up for one minute and then down for 10... nothing has changed in my setup... I've even moved the modem to the master socket and removed the router.

This morning the line was still variable, but I've now remained connected for about 5 minutes so maybe someone is still fiddling with the line?

Anyway, the point of the post (other than looking for sympathy), my modem isa a Dlink DSL-300G+, Current Firmware Version R2.05.b4t12uk
ADSL driver Version Annex_A(T.79.4.7). The status light is permanently blinking, the ADSL light mostly solid, but it does have disco fits.

Is there anything within the modem I need to do to marry up with the speed increase?

I've raised a ticket on this, but they seem busy and there may be someone out there with the same setup whoi might be able to help.
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Problems post 2Mb upgrade

Your modem won't need any changes - it just adjusts to the new speed.

Your problems could be due to either last night's storms, , or simply that your line can't support 2Mb.
The fact that your sync light is flashing means that the connection is unstable - hence the dropouts.

I'd give support a ring on the number at the bottom of this page rather than waiting for tickets, and tell them you've just been upgraded and the line isn't stable.
They can do a woosh test for you and get the line stats which should indicate whether your line will support 2Mb or not. If necessary they can then report a line fault for you.
BT normally won't do the speed upgrade on an unsuitable line, so it's as like as not a problem with their line.