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Problems moving house. Any ideas?


Problems moving house. Any ideas?


I moved house earlier this month and I've been having lots of problems moving over my (Metronet) ADSL. I'd be grateful of any advice anybody can give me.

Basically I phoned up Metronet about a week before the move and found it almost impossible to contact any CSRs Sad . I therefore went through the Members Only part of the website to put in the order. Metronet apparently tried to put through an order to BT Wholesale via their BT Simulaneous Ordering System, but apparently it wasn't working. My request has been put back, and put back, and put back ever since Sad

It's now settled down to an argument over Metronet insisting that I need to get BT to cancel a "PSTN CEASE" on my phone line, but BT insisting there isn't a "PSTN CEASE" on the line Sad

BT say that I can't talk to them about my broadband as it's not within their remit and insist I talk to Metronet. Everytime I try to phone Metronet I have to either wait on the line about 60 minutes during the day, or about 20 minutes at about midnight, just for a CSR to tell me to get the "PSTN CEASE" taken off the line Sad I get the same response from the Members Only part of the website, but it takes about 6 hours to get a response Sad

When talking to BT today they tell me that Metronet has put a "BROADBAND CEASE" on my phone line which will be implemented tomorrow and that will cause my ADSL to be ceased totally rather than moved. What happens then?

I'm getting rather upset by all of this. My business is losing customers and business, and therefore money.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do?

Thanks in advance

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Problems moving house. Any ideas?


I'm moving at the moment and like you gave them 7 days notice along with the relevant BT code so they could transfer the connection to the new address, along with the address and telephone number. Any issues, I said, please contact me via my MOBILE.

A few days later, I checked "Contact Us" and it'd been updated to say yes, that's fine, just let us know which payment option you want to use. A formality.

By which time, I sent them that info only to get told they needed 7 days' notice and so can't now effect a "move". It's pretty despairing. If they'd just rang the mobile like I asked, I could've straightened it out in seconds!

So, anyway: the old ADSL connection needs to be ceased seperately, and a new connection created at the new house.

So, for the sake of making one phone call, Metronet managed to double the amount of bureaucracy required to action this request, in addition to winding me up no end.

Great job, guys. You saved yourselves 10 pence and created £50 worth of work for yourselves in the process.

Like you I'm wondering if CS realise that BT normally deprovision the "old" phone line 6 days in advance of reconnecting the account, on the understanding that any remotely competent ISP ought to be able to handle the move from their end in a similar time frame.


And I'm still waiting for that phone call I was promised after escalating the ticket.

Problems moving house. Any ideas?

I've just initiated a "move house" with metronet and I'm not impressed at all.

The customer service is appalling. They have changed my log on details but didn't let me know!! I had to spend 30 minutes on hold trying to get through to a CSR to sort it out, despite ensuring I had all the details to hand to reconnect once the connection had been set up. The change in log on details have still not been reflected in my control panel either.

Very sloppy work, metronet :x

Problems moving house. Any ideas?

I/we have just SUFFERED this very same thing with our house
move, at the end of October.

In spite of doing EVERTHING we had been told, AND some things
that Metronet did NOT tell us (but SHOULD have), it STILL took
them THIRTY DAYS to connect us (The WHOLE of November, with
no Broadband, meant our business lost MONEY TOO) and
then ... what happens? .... THEY BILL US, for November too !!!!

They gotta be kiddin' Huh?

I think that maybe "Watchdog" might be very interested ... huh?

Problems moving house. Any ideas?

Oh yes, they billed me too!! I complained and got a 1 week refund. But I'm not impressed at all.

I think I'll be changing ISPs in the new year!

Problems moving house. Any ideas?

Oh yes, they billed me too!! I complained and got a 1 week refund. But I'm not impressed at all.

I think I'll be changing ISPs in the new year!

They better not try that with us or, we'll be joining you Evil