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Problems getting started, poss server number?


Problems getting started, poss server number?

Hi everybody, im a very new plusnet adsl customer and seem to be having a spot of bother. Basically as far as i can tell im connected (shows speed and bytes transferred etc) but yet any site i go to doesnt get displayed. It says about not finding the server. Does this mean it can't find plusnets server? I had a look around and noticed that the server number seems very strange ( it is 0,38 ) and was wondering if this was the culprit? does anyone know what this number should be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Problems getting started, poss server number?

the 0 and 38 are the VPI and VCI numbers that your modem or router needs to know in order to connect you and are correct.

Are your other settings correct though I.e username and password.
You should be using something like for the username and then your normal login password.
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Problems getting started, poss server number?

Who were you with previously?

If another ISP like wanadoo, check your IE settings to make sure it is not using a proxy server (tools -> internet options -> connection settings -> settings).

Also make sure your default connection is set correctly.

If you are using a USB ADSL modem, make sure dial my default connection is set.

The 0,38 is normal for a phone number and is a way some modem drivers are told about the VPI (0) & VCI (3Cool values used by ADSL to establish a connection with the exchange.