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Problems conecting since being moved to LLU

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Registered: 04-08-2007

Problems conecting since being moved to LLU

Since being moved over to LLU 2 weeks ago my modem has a problem re-synchronising with the line (DSL light is flashing) after switching it off then on again.

It has re-connected a couple of times after being disconnected for half a day or longer and once connected the connection is fast and stable.

When connected my modem indicates 8160k/s downstream and 544k/s upstream.

When I was connected via BT IPStream my modem ALWAYS re-connected within about 30 seconds and I had a stable 2Mb/s connection.

My modem is a Linksys ADSL2MUE which is capable of speeds up to 24Mb/s so 8Mb/s should not be a problem.

The line stats measured from the exchange by Plusnet/Tiscali are:

InterfaceName: Adsl3/0/9
Current Profile: a8160u896i8a
Alarm Profile: ALARM-PROFILE-1
Line Coding: 2
Line Admin Status: Up
Sync Status: Circuit in Sync
PPP Status: PPP Session Present
Session Id: 33626

Downstream SNR: 14 db
Donstream Attenuation: 41.5 db
Downstream Status 0x8000
Downstream Output Pwr: 18.8 db
Downstream Current Rate: 8160 kbps
Downstream Interleave Delay: 8 ms
Downstream CRC Block length: 17340 bytes

Upstream SNR: 14.5 db
Upstream Attenuation: 19 db
Upstream Status: 0x80
Upstream Output Pwr: 12 db
Upstream Current Rate: 544 kbps
Upstream Interleave Delay: 4 ms
Upstream CRC Block length: 1156 bytes

Can anyone think of a reason why I am having this problem?