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Problems after exceeding DL limit

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Problems after exceeding DL limit


Having exceeding my DL limit this month while on Option 1 I saw that my download speed was halved from just under 1Mb to around 450Mb and my upload throttled from 247Kb to around 20Kb.

The T&C indicate that this throttling happens between 4pm and 12 am and will automatically reset outside these times. But this does not happen - it's now guesswork as to when I will get the speeds I had before I went over my download limit. I even upgraded within a day of this happening to Option 2 with a promise that the speed would immidiatley return to normal.

It seems at the same time they put in a regrade to MaxDSL

Even today before 4pm my upload was only around 20Kb even though my download was 923Kb.

Has anyone else had any experiences like this. Will it settle down once the MaxDSL has been actioned?

Cheers for any advice

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