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Problems With Starter Pack Delivery Address


Problems With Starter Pack Delivery Address

I have to say that you guys need to sort out the process for getting starter packs delivered.

On the day I signed up I logged a ticket about using an alternative delivery address (I am at work in the day). The response was that this isn't possible. Last night I phoned up Customer Services and was told to cancel my order. If I started a new order I could raise a ticket asking for delivery to another address (isn't that what I did already?!). So, I was left a little confused.....

If I want to cancel the PCI modem delivery I should cancel my order, then start a new one without it. Is your system that inflexible? This will put me back a few days. I'm already paying for a BT line that I only got installed for ADSL - every extra day I wait is money down the drain.

Anyway, I decided I'd check with the delivery company (Citylink). Their depot is quite a way away, and hard to get to from where I live. It is also only open until 6pm. Getting there from Central London by 6pm will be impossible.

Overall, my first impression of PlusNet is thus a poor one. There are many of us that work and have no-one at home during the day, and having such an inflexible system cannot be good for the future of the company. I still can't believe that nothing can be done to help me here (anyoneHuh).



RE: Problems With Starter Pack Delivery Address

I suggest you repost your message in the PlusNet Forum, David, as PlusNet Support don't seem to post very often in this one.
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RE: Problems With Starter Pack Delivery Address

They usally only reply if no one has responded to it