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Problems Synchronising binatone adsl 500


Problems Synchronising binatone adsl 500

Hi all, in need of advice!

I have recently recieved my starter kit including Binatone ADSL500 modem, and having patiently installed service pack 1 for Win XP Pro, before installing modem drivers, I find that the modem takes between 3-30 minutes to synchronise. I also installed the modem onto my laptop and came accross the same problem. I am connected now but it took a very long time to get connected. I have contacted plusnet support, who examined the line while the modem was connected. They found no fault, suggesting i should re-install the drivers etc. i've re-installed the drivers countless times, and followed all the troubleshooting advice about trying different phone sockets etc.
Now I'm pretty much at a loss for what to do, any ideas will be gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance

system: win xp pro, athlon 1.2 gig, gigabyte board.

Problems Synchronising binatone adsl 500

Could be any number of things.

Did you go through this procedure?

When you're connected, can you find out from the modem what sort of signal strength you're getting (attenuation and noise margin figures)?

Another possible problem is the filters on the line. Your ADSL modem won't need one, so unplug everything else from all phone sockets and just plug your ADSL modem straight into the master socket if possible.

Lastly (and it's a bit of a long shot), I see you're using an AMD CPU. Chances are, the motherboard has a VIA chipset? If so, these are notorious for not driving sufficient power for USB modems of all types, resulting in USB resets the instant you try to connect. Can you get hold of a powered external USB hub and try that?

Even more lastly, do you know of anyone else with an ADSL router that you could try out. Personally, I'd go for a router every time, since there is so much less scope for problems.

Hope some of this gives you ideas.

Problems Synchronising binatone adsl 500

have tried that procedure, have replaced suspect phone socket, which means the modem now syncs on the LAPTOP (toshiba pentium3) in less than a minute. However it still doesnt work on the PC. I have aquired a powered usb hub, which provides downstream power of 500mA per socket. is this enough? there is no information on current consumption on the binatone website(modem is ADSL 500).
even with the powered hub, the modem wont sync. i have toured the gigabyte website and downloaded the latest via drivers, but still no joy. the board is a GA-7ZXE with a VIA KT133 chipset. the processor is a 1.1 gig athlon.
The win xp pro is set up exactly the same as the lappy, and has sp1 installed.


Problems Synchronising binatone adsl 500

For power consumption. In winME look in Control Panel/System/Device Manager/USB. Select Hub and look under power. My system showed 500ma.
Had a similar problem. Bought a PCi modem, but made no difference. BT eng could connect with an Alcatel speedtouch modem. So I bought the new Speedtouch 330, which works fine.