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Problem with my connection...?


Problem with my connection...?


I had recently stripped down and re-installed everything back on to my computer. Having done so, I connected to the internet and everything appeared to be working fine. The next day however, having done nothing inbetween other than updating windows with the security updates, and updating McAfee Security Centre, I was unable to access a large amount of pages while simply browsing the net. The thing that makes it strange is that I WAS able to access my Online Banking completely, but unable to visit pages such as hotmail. I was also able to use Google to search for things, but any of the links when clicked on, would simply not load.

I was getting the message "Waiting for *insert random URL here*" in the bottom taskbar of my browser (I tried it on both Firefox and Internet Explorer) and then no further action from the browser or my connection.

I ran a number of checks and tests on my line and everything came back fine, I tried it without my firewall on, even going as far as to completely remove McAfee from my computer, but it made no difference, the same was happening. I left it a few days, resetting the connection and seeing if that made any difference, simply putting it down to a fault at plusnet's end.

Since then however, I have again reinstalled Windows, and again, the internet seems to be working correctly. My question is whether anybody has any idea what could have caused it, whether it was a fault at Plusnet's end, or mine. It should also be noted that I tried changing the ADSL filter, and having done so the internet is working, but I am not entirely sure that has anything to do with it at all... merely a coincidence.

Any help on this would be appreciated, because while the internet is working correctly for me at the moment, I am not entirely sure how long it will last, and if it is Plusnet's fault, I'd like to be certain of this so I can report the fault to them.

Thanks in advance.

Problem with my connection...?

I hope you didn't rebuild your machine second time round thinking there was an issue with your box!

This thread discusses problems which sound similar to yours.

They led to this service status announcement to be posted.

Hopefully this will put your mind at rest.

Problem with my connection...?

I think this is what we all want to know. Who is at fault then at least we don't have to go to all the trouble of "rebuilding" our precious machines for no good reason.
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Problem with my connection...?

This issue has now been resolved and websites should now be resolving normally.

Apologies for any inconvenience.