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Problem with MSN & Webcam .....


Problem with MSN & Webcam .....

Hi there.

Wondering if you could help. I have a Compaq Presario and and adsl connection. I am trying to use my webcam in msn messenger (V6) but I keep on getting errors. I can see the other person but they cannot see me ! I have been advised the the bandwidth on the usb channel is overloaded therefore my signal not going through. Has any one else had this problem before ?? And if so how to fix ? The only solution offered so far is to install a PCI USB adapter - very reluctant to spend money tho if it a software problem. I am using a Speedtouch 330.

Any Advice.


Problem with MSN & Webcam .....

What errors are you getting?

My guess it hat it is a error from the webcam.

If it is a webcam message, then yes, it would sound like the USB channels are saturated.

One sugestion would be to reduce the size of the image or sesolution the webcam is firing at.

A powered hub will likely do nothing, as the line back to the computer will be saturated.

Some motherboards provide seperate USB sockets. Some of which, allow full USB speeds on each one (sockets are often grouped into a few, EG, two together).

So trying to seperate the modem and webcam may help, though is motherboard dependant.