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Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection


Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

I use AccessRunner DSL to connect to PlusNet, however, I find that sometimes it suddenly disconnects temporarily for a few seconds. Sometimes, however, it stays off for longer and occasionally I have to restart the computer to get the connection back. I have placed AccessRunner in the StartUp folder so that the PC connects automatically on start up.

Often, it disconnects when someone is using one of our three phones. We are using an extension lead with two of the phones. We are also using the cheap Ebuyer splitters. One of the phones which is on the extension is about 10 years old and does not feature touch tone dialling.

Is the problem due to any of these things, or is it PlusNet unreliability issue, or our PC configuration? The PC is fine connecting, it does it straightaway each time.

Thanks for your help.
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Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

Possible problems...

1.The Conexant modem is rubbish, no doubt about it. Alot of people have experienced disconnections with it.
2. A bit of noise can be introduced by the connections between extension leads... use as few as possible.
3. The cheap splitters are rubbish... might be worth investing in some better ones at about £6.50 each, what with all that goes on on your line!
4. REN... too many devices and things may not work. Check that all your devices RENs add up to 4 or less.

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Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

It sounds very much like a splitter / filter problem
Is it possible to borrow one from a friend to see if it makes a difference.
There were a lot off "Duff" splitters about some while ago.

Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

It could be due to any of those and more.

My sugestion would be not to use the dialing feature of the pulse phone. WHile it shouldn't, it could easily filter into the main line and cause headaches with the DSL.

However, feel free to use it as a second phone just to speak on or answer.

Your cheap splitters from Ebuyer would be very suspect. These filters are a major part of the system and the slightest problem with it can make them as usful as not having them at all.

USB modems, these are also suspect, on two counts.

1: USB modems use your computers CPU to do the bulk of the processing.

For each program you run and take away from the USB modem, you are reducing the chances of the connection staying alive.

It works the oposite way too. When running the mode, you are taking CPU away from programs that could do with it.

2: Your right, your system may not be up to the job.

You say that it requires a reboot somtimes. By any chance are you running a VIA chipset on the motherboard?

If you don't know, does ht emodel name feature KT133?

VIA motherboard, and infact, many others (though not reported as much) have problems with USB modem drawing too much power, and causing them to fall over.

With the KT133 boards, there is nothign much you can do to fix this, however, wiht most others, you can try purchasing a powered USB hub (must have its own power adapater). This should boost the power available to devices slightly, and shift the power requirments away from the computer.

Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

I'm using an internal Conexant PCI modem and an MSI KT4 Ultra mobo with a VIA KT400 chipset.

Presumably, judging by what kuglin said, Conexant is the only manufacturer to use the AccessRunner software?

Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

I don't know zip about the modem - it may be your problem.

Certainly cleaning up the POTS (plain old telephone system) side of things is a good plan. You can pick up modern telephones (with caller display) for as little as £5 at a computer fair or on eBay.

There were a lot off "Duff" splitters about some while ago.

These are often the CAUSE of the problems they are meant to prevent.

Problem: Unreliable Broadband Connection

Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated.

I think I'll start by buying some decent splitters and seeing what difference that makes first.

Thanks again.