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Press 1 for no help press 2 for yet no more help


Press 1 for no help press 2 for yet no more help

Why did i bother trying to ring PN you can't get to where you want and when you do they cut you off 4 times now!!!

The Tech line has no number as there having problems heh says it all realy.

My speed has dropped so low i might as well be on dial up with endless drop in speed over the last months now to next to nothing, disconections and a stupid ticket system and lack of cs.

To top it all my stable rate has been now set to this

Your High-speed Broadband Service

Your current broadband speed is 500 Kbps
(Was 5500kbps)

My exchange is showing red still and had a fix date of 3rd November and now its the 7th still not fixed.

BT is reporting that some of the virtual paths at this exchange are not operating within BT Wholesale's planning guidance, although they are still operating within the product specification.

At busy times, your ADSL connection may operate at a reduced speed, although not all customers on your exchange may be affected. You should only contact support if there is no current ETA date set.

The ETA fix time is: 03 Nov 06

When will i get a proper service and paying £29.99 pm and getting rubbish speeds p2p capped speeds even at off peak times. Can't watch streaming vids or play online games what is the point in paying for this and getting nothing but a slap in the face.

Now I have to wait So i cant get the spare cash to buy my way out of this farce.
Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil