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Premier or Plus


Premier or Plus

I have just been regraded to 2mb, and as it happens, I am actually getting good 2mb speeds Cheesy

I was looking at the Broadband Plus packages (I am on Premier at the moment) and it looks very tempting to downgrade.

I mainly use the net for surfing and email, although I do quite often bulk download quite a lot of web content for later browsing offline. I sometimes use P2P, but only for the odd file.

So would I be better off on the 14.99 Plus package than the 21.99 Premier?

The only differences I can see between the two are:

P2P throttling at peak times, which doesn't really affect me.
The amount of webspace 100mb vs 250mb, not a problem for me.
and the PRICE, over a fiver cheaper each month.

Please could someone tell me if I have mised something obvious, Are there any other limits, differences?

Will my bulk web downloading be throttled on Plus? it is all HTTP traffic.

Thanks for reading, and any advise.

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Premier or Plus

They may throttle your bulk downloading if they feel it necessary, but it sounds as though Plus would do for you.

Why not try it - you can always upgrade to premier for free if it doesn't work out ?

There have been a number of people posting on here quite happy with it.