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Premier Usage


Premier Usage

I'm a bit confused about this usage thing on the premier product, it says 100GB or 30GB peak-time, well does this mean you have to use 100GB off-peak OR 30GB peak to get a warning, what i'm confused about though is you have to use some bandwidth at peak to even browse so you cant move everything to off-peak, could someone please explain.?

Premier Usage


To my best knowledge thiws is how it works. You are alotted 100gig a month in total. You are permitted to use up to 30gig of that during peak hours.
If you should reach either 30gig peak or 100 gig total in a month you will get a strike (so to call it) if you get 2 months in 3 then you are placed on peak time management.
You are removed from this 30 days later being monitored for the first 7 days (and being monitored) if your usage in that week averages (ie x 4) more than what your allowance is per month for eaither peak or monthly then you are placed on the 24/7 managed platform.

I may be wrong on a couple of details, actually I almost swear it. But this is roughly how it will work.

Right bed time I reckon before I wake up with key prints on my face Smiley