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Premier BB disables by Plusnet


Premier BB disables by Plusnet

On 15 August at 21.54 I received email notification by Plusnet that my account was about to be fully disabled because they had been unable to take payment. This was due to the fact my switch card had expired.

I was given three days to make the payment, yet the service, was unavailable from the moment I received the notification. At the time I could still receive email, not send it and the only web page available to me was a Plusnet page telling me this was the only thing I was ever going to see, until the payment had been cleared. I called Plusnet around mid day on August 16 (less than 24 h after the notification was sent out, well within the 72 h deadline) and arranged for payment using my new card.

I was promised that the connection would be restored within 10 minutes. It wasn’t. An hour later I called again and was “advised” to power down my equipment and wait another 10 minutes, which didn’t solve anything. Evil

I made three more calls to the Plusnet helpline, and it transpired that the connection was actually up and running but that it wasn’t resolving. I could ping the DNS servers and a Plusnet adviser (James Nelson) was able to ping me but I still couldn’t access the mail servers or any other server for that matter. Of all the advisers I spoke to, James was actually the only one that seemed to take an active interest in my problem but he was nonetheless unable to solve the matter. :roll:

With characteristic Plusnet flair, one adviser stated that “the problem must be at your end, mate”, very helpful indeed. Plusnet seems to think rather often that the “problem” is at the Customer’s end. Cookies and a firewall have been blamed for this problem but they clearly have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Disabling the firewall allowed Plusnet to ping me but that’s all: the connection simply doesn’t resolve, even with an open firewall. Evil

It’s crystal clear that Plusnet’s little trick of “partial disablement” has caused a problem somewhere along the line and that the responsibility lies squarely with them.

I have in the mean time uninstalled and reinstalled my modem software and deleted all cookies (as advised), all to no avail.

I was also told to “browse to my router” to “sort out the DNSs”. Using ipconfig /all at the command prompt clearly shows the correct DNSs. And, how do you browse to your router?

I’ve also called a premium helpline at Computeractive (1.50/min), as well as a qualified engineer, both of which indicated that the only way to solve this problem was to contact technical services at the ISP (Plusnet).

At my wit’s end I raised a ticket last night (around 11 PM). Today, 11 AM, there hasn’t even been an acknowledgement of the ticket, never mind a solution of the problem.

So, I’m on a premium broadband (Business) but have no access to any service at all. Yet Plusnet are unable and unwilling to solve a problem they caused in the first place.

Does anybody at this forum know of a solution?

Gert Meyers

Premier BB disables by Plusnet

Hi there,

Not a good idea to cross post. Your other thread here stands a better chance of being actioned.

Cross posting can cause confusion as it is hard to keep up with replies.

Fair comment

Know what, pcsni? That's a fair point, but take a wild guess as to why I've resorted to cross-posting... :x

The ticket still hasn't been actioned.

Premier BB disables by Plusnet

Fair enough. But your post will not be seen here by the comms team. They have enough to do keeping up with the feedback forum without reading the rest.

It will get sorted.
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Premier BB disables by Plusnet

Topic locked due to cross posting.