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Post Office "home phone" and plusnet?


Post Office "home phone" and plusnet?

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Quite looking forward to a referal, but I think they have a silly phone line. The postoffice home phone FAQ says :

"What happens to my broadband or internet connection?
All internet and broadband services you that you have with your existing provider can be used with your new Post Office™ HomePhone. You will continue to be billed separately for any broadband or internet subscription services. "

Does anyone know if BT provides the line for "post office" home phone customers?
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Post Office "home phone" and plusnet?

I had postoffice home phone with +net had no problems actually changed to PO while i was a +net customer, it's still a BT line you are just billed for line rental and calls by PO, have also migrated out with no problems.
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Post Office "home phone" and plusnet?

I have just had the TalkTalk sales man at the door trying to sell me the same thing.

He looked at me as if I had two heads when I said no thanks.


Post Office "home phone" and plusnet?

Thanks edwardbrewer.

I will have get the person signed up for my 50p discount Wink

Why do companies like talk talk expect you to sign up to things at your front door :s If I want a new 'something' I would go to them....but hey ho.