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Port pressure


Port pressure

I am under pressure from games providers to use certain ports however i cant connect so are there any ports that plusnet block or is the problem elsewhere?

Port pressure

There are currently only 3 ports blocked on the premier products and several more on the Plus products.

Can I ask what ports you talk of?

Although ISPs like tp block ports for security reasons, it is in their own interest not to block ports for well used applications like games. As such, i highly doubt the port blocks are causing issue in this case.

Port pressure

are ports 4662 and 4672 blocked
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Port pressure

No they're not.
Pn blocked a number of other ports, but if I recall, unblocked them again.
Here is the text of an email they sent out recently about blocked ports.

As previously communicated, we have previously acted upon these risks by blocking ports
1434 (SQL Slamer), 135 (MSblast/Nachi RPC Exploit Attack) and 445
(Sasser/Agobot/GenericBot/Open share connection attempts for file shares on Win 2K, XP &
Win 2K3) within our network. As a result of this latest research we have identified a
further range of ports which pose a security risk to our customers and which have been

These ports are listed below, with a brief explanation of the risk associated with each

Port 137 - Used by W32.Opaserv Worm, scans for available open shares

Port 139 - Open share connection attempts for file shares on Win 9x, ME & NT

TCP Port 12345 - Netbus Trojan

UDP Port 1026 - 1029 - Used by messenger spam

TCP Port 1023 - 1028 - Used by messenger spam/Lsass Vulnerability/NetSpy

These ports have been closed to protect against the highest-risk attacks that exist
today. Through ongoing monitoring, these ports may be opened or other ports closed at a
later date in order to best reflect the greatest risks to our customer's security. We
will notify our customers if and when this takes place.

As I said, I think they've unblocked again all but the first three.

Port pressure

It could be that you have a software and/or hardware firewall causing the problem. To unblock the neccessary ports visit this site and follow the comprehensive step by step instructions.
I was having the same problem until i discovered this site.