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Port forwarding/DMZ help needed....


Port forwarding/DMZ help needed....

Hi there,

I've recently got my account due to the place in which I work. At home I have NTL cable and this all works just peachy.

Basically I have tried two modem/routers to get this to work the same as at home but to no avail - as such if someone can help this would be mightily appreciated.

I have tried a Zoom 5554 modem/router and a Netgear WGR614 both of which have port forwarding AND DMZ capability. My netgear one is the one I use at home and brought in to test with [it works just fine at home on NTL cable].

On both routers I have set them to IP address with usual subnets etc as you'd expect. I have a server that I want to expose the HTTP service on [which works absolutely fine] port 80 - this is on a static IP address

I can access the internet on a variety of services absolutely fine so there is no problem with the connection our outbound traffic.

I've tried setting up port forwarding across port 80 and even went so far as to put the machine into DMZ to see if I could get *something* to forward [knowing that DMZ will expose everything!] and get a response from the server.

Try and try as I might though nothing is going through. Thinking it was the new Zoom box, I got my one from home and put that in instead - after configuring it for DSL - nothing - outbound traffic absolutely fine but nothing inbound.

Has anyone had any problems with plus not allowing inbound traffic or anything that I'm overlooking? I have set up the exact same system for friends and businesses with no trouble until I got to here.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
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Port forwarding/DMZ help needed....

How are you checking that you can access your web server. If on the same machine and using your plusnet IP then it won't work because your router will get confused trying to route it out to plusnet then back.

Try using an external proxy service like Megaproxy and use as the URL to connect to.

Port forwarding/DMZ help needed....

Thanks for that Peter - will try it when I get in to work later.

How come using NTL this doesn't happen but does on Plus?