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Port Forwarding, how do you work it?


Port Forwarding, how do you work it?

Hi I just got my Netgear modem/router dm602 working last night.

Only now all my sub-domain names, which pointed to my PlusNet IP addy don't work!. Nor will it accept a private IP when i try update the domain via portal.

How do I run my webserver or anything for that matter on different ports with my PlusNet IP like I used to?

I have went to Port Forwarding and set it to as the IP addy, then set the range from port 80 to 8090.

Shoutcast server directory accepts me from private IP, but when you click on their listen link it comes back looking for my static IP number from PlusNet so it can't find anything.

Will it be possible to get my subdomain names back which are set to my static IP? or will I have to use my old modem for that.

Sorry I've never networked before (never had a router before) and I'm not quite sure which IP number I've to set, my private or my Plusnet?.

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Ps> PlusNet you need to set the forum time to GMT, it's still set to GMT+1 Smiley

Port Forwarding, how do you work it?

First off, the forum is fine. You havn't changed your profile to reflect the time change.


The reasons it does not work is due to the way some some routers work.

Port forwarding works for requests made from the outside world. It doesn't account for attempts made from inside your network to your IP address assigned by PlusNet.

The only true way to test if it is functioning is to requests sombody external to your network to attempt to connect.

Port Forwarding, how do you work it?

Ok Phil i understand you.

Shall update my profile to GMT, forgot i had to change it.
So sleepy not myself this past week,

Thanks for your help. Smiley