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Poor speeds

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Poor speeds

Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place to post.

I have just been LLUd yesturday, and since then:-
1.. My router yesturday, just continuously failed to sync, had to resort to my old USB modem, that eventually synced up.
2.. Browsing speeds absolutely terrible. At the moment, according to plus speed tester, I am getting 255 kbps, on a service that before LLU, gettign 1900kbps. I am on the or was on the up to 2MB option.

Can anybody explain this at all?? Plusnets customer call line has a 30-50min wait. Has anyone else had this problem.

Today, my rouer syncs, and according to the router my settings are

416 upsteam (Kbps)
320 downsteam
Upsteam 13dB noise, 23dB attenuation
Downsteam 14dB noise, 46dB attenuation

Any IDeas?Huh
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Poor speeds

Your not the only one.

I have been regraded from my trusty old 2Mb connection to 8Mb

So far my router has droped either DSL, internet or BOTH on a regular basis. I had to give up going through the fault finder check as I kept on loosing connection as I did it.

My router is the Linksys WAG54G V.2 and my status is, currently:

DSL Status: UP
DSL Modulation Mode: GDMT
Downstream Rate: 7616 Kbps
Upstream Rate: 448 Kbps
Downstream Margin: 6 db
Upstream Margin: 23 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 32
Upstream Line Attenuation: 16
Downstream Transmit Power: 0
Upstream Transmit Power: 0

PVC Connection

Connection: 1
Encapsulation: RFC 2364 PPPoA
Multiplexing: VC
Qos: UBR
Pcr Rate: 0
Scr Rate: 0
Autodetect: Disable
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
Enable: Yes
PVC Status: Applied

Invariably when my downstream margin (SNR I think) drops below 6db I loose all connections and synchronisation.

lol cant hit submit as me lights just went out Evil

EDIT: forgot to add with the old connection a d/l from fileplanet would hit 200KBps+, but now I get anything from 10KBps to 100KBps. Not exactly an upgrade in my eyes!!!!

Poor speeds

was upgraded on monday, router data as per the previous post. Furthermore after the 'upgrade' nothing worked for two days for many plus users at the lee green exchange. After it was 'fixed' the speed tests are much worse than before and sometimes the connection drops.
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Poor speeds


My speeds at the min are all over the place, ranging from 400Kbps to 1.2Mbps. This is nothing like to stable 2Mbps, I was getting beofre being moved to Tiscalis service. My father has the same issue, with his 1.1Mbps, degrading to 288 Kbps. Anyone any ideas as to this.


Poor speeds

Same here.. have just had 8mb upgrade and my speed test max i get 1.2mps.. any1 recieved any feedback on this?

Poor speeds

derglis, there are two different relevant speeds:-

One is the speed at which your device is syncing to the exchange and the other one is the speed the remote access servers allow you to connect at... Both should be the same but unfortunatly the BRAS can take upto 3 days to pick up a change of sync speed so if your result is from an online speedtester you will have to wait 3 days to see if the issue is with your profile on the server (BT's server so PN can't do anything about it until the 3 days have passed)

Poor speeds

cheers for that.. recieved this "PlusNet are pleased to confirm that your broadband regrade to BT IPStream Home 2000 is now complete." on 13/04/06 and my D-Link DSL-G640T showing the data below :

Connection Status Connected
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 448
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 8128
US Margin 24
DS Margin 8
Modulation MMODE
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 16
US Line Attenuation 11
Path Mode Fast Path

My connection is still what i not what i expect of the 2mb connection i did have and tried the speed test in the early hours of the morning too.. heres my speed tests..

17-04-2006 20:39:19 530.4
17-04-2006 04:22:16 550.1
17-04-2006 04:21:47 1027.3
17-04-2006 04:21:33 685.4
17-04-2006 04:21:06 456.5
17-04-2006 04:08:01 569.5
17-04-2006 03:35:53 813.4
17-04-2006 03:13:42 958.9
17-04-2006 03:07:34 1296.4
17-04-2006 02:56:35 611.9
17-04-2006 02:55:55 507.3
17-04-2006 02:36:01 521.8
17-04-2006 02:35:30 651.4
17-04-2006 02:35:03 673.7
16-04-2006 17:50:09 1125.9
16-04-2006 17:49:26 1085.3
16-04-2006 12:37:16 1340.9
16-04-2006 05:03:29 721.4
16-04-2006 01:32:34 559.3
16-04-2006 01:32:08 599.4

is this the normal for the first ten days of regrade thet the connection is actually slower than you had or just me?

Poor speeds

Don't expect any sympathy from BT, they just want your money for the shareholders, customers are not important.

If you search the web for MaxDSL problems, it'll take you all day to read them!! :!:

speed decrease

I dont keep a regular check on download speed, I only notice when watching videos. i have notice mine hase decreased from 2322.6 to 526. This is like going back in time to 512K connection speeds. what is going on? Has pn been downgrading people? Looks like it, might be something to do with archaic caps they have imposed. TV on demand, be quicker to use postal dvd service, come on pn, please dont force us to move.
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Poor speeds

Again I have had the same problems. The day I changed to LLU my speed dropped from 1.1mbs to 500ks. Many questions asked of Plusnet,differing answers, the final one being

"When you had your connection on the old ip[stream system, the syncronisation speed was fixed. With the new system, it is designed to vary according to line conditions at the time. "

I must say, I prefer it fixed at 1.1mbs

Regrade to 8Mb

What a great topic!

Something for nothing? I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a free lunch! And with BT, they never, ever give something for nothing.

Something is afoot, mark my words.

I was informed that my connection would be upgraded so last week I did a Speed test to compare; I achieved 1.87 Mbps on a 2Mb bandwith. Not bad, I thought.

Today I was informed that I have been regraded up to 8Mb, so I did another Speed test. This time I achieved 1.88Mbps.

Excuse me but I cannot see any difference!

Router Problems? Yes! I could not connect yesterday despite rebooting left right and centre. I now know why. BT were obviously playing around with the line.

Contacted Support early this evening, (who's tickets reported being answered in around an hour) and here we are some 3 hours later still waiting!

OK, so now someone is saying that we have wait three more days for it to kick in. Why? Either they've done the job or they haven't!

upgrade blues

After finaly seeing the old random disconnects problem be fixed i was mildly excited to see my mail box contain a chocolatey rippled email stating that I now had a nougat filled double toffee delight up to 8 strawberry sauce filled mbits.....a quick delve into my router and i saw that indeed I was throbbing with on/off action!!! for about 2 hours... Sad now granted im averaging about 5mbit but im constantly losing sync and reconnecting at speeds ranging from a mild walnut coating 4mb to a swiss milked 6mbit but im now at loss of synchronisation: 26 (this not being the total as i've tried rebooting my router many times since the regrade last thursday) I want reliable not fast then stop fast then stop...if i wanted that id be a driver for royal mail Smiley

Well i'm starting to feel concerned for the future of plus net, im an oldish customer thats enjoyed a few years of exactly the connection i pay for and was more than happy with performance and reliability, i even get a referal discount cos im such a chocolate soldier/brown hatter Smiley

Please say that this is just a small blip on an otherwise happy experience....however like the other supplier i had many moons ago this need to vent on a forum is becoming more and more frequent.

Embrace your changes plus net, but not at the expense of reliable connections else it'll be plus not.

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Poor speeds

Still got the same issues, exept last night again totally lost sync. My speeds are avaraging between 300-600 KBps, but once I reached the dizzy heights of 1.2Mbps :? I have differing answers from Plus, the last one being I have to wait up to 10 days since activation of the LLU before I will see an improvement!! WHY. I have perfectly acceptable sppeds on the old BT line, up to 2Mbps, avaraging around 1900KBps. I have heard that once unbundled, you get put onto a 2MBps speed with facility for up to 8MBps. So where is this then. If this contunues, I like others, will be reviewing my contract with Plus, as they appear to be breaching this, by 1.. Changing the terms and conditions, by moving my line, and 2.. Not providing a service fit for its description, which is an issue that I may raise with trading standards!! If I do leave, I will be putting it to plus, that they foot the cease and reprovide fees. Evil

Poor speeds

been way over the 3 days everyone is banging on about but still useless speeds.. i have a friend who is so far removed from the exchange halfway up a mountain miles away getting better and more consistants speeds than me on a 2mb line (and was told he wouldnt get over 1mb by becuase of the distance). I wonder how big this problem is with

Poor speeds

Hi just another user with problems since "upgrade" on the 19th, since then my connection has been wild to say the least can't even listen to internet radio connection drops so frequently...before the upgrade i was getting roughly 900kb but since the upgrade anything from 200 to 1400kb when its actually connected....ten days from upgrade before a complaintHuh means another week of this crap