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Poor download speeds Any help?


Poor download speeds Any help?

i get between 2.6 a,d 3.0 mbps connection i have done the following:
1. Scanned pc with antivirus program and no virus adware or spyware are on pc i used 3 different programs to do this.

2 I have reformatted pc

3 uninstalled modem and reinstalled

4 Used a different modem

5 Change microfilters 4 times

6 Change connection wires from modem to socket

7 Detached phones and test on master socket

8 Used different usb ports

9 Used different Connection leads i.e. usb lead and ethernet

10 Had BT do a line test and gave a healthy line to house

11 Had BT engineer round on sunday morning to check internal line and line is working fine

so what do i do now?

i m running out of ideas
Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
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Poor download speeds Any help?

What are your line stats (preferably plugged straight into the test socket of the BT master if it's got one)? See also

Poor download speeds Any help?

Change your isp i guess.
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Re: Poor download speeds Any help?


so what do i do now?

i m running out of ideas

You have done more than what could reasonably be expected of a customer, in light of that and since there are no changes, its looking like the isp aint it..

Look around the forums, most of us are experiencing this crap and YES it is the ISP's fault.

Look for another ISP or wait until Plusnet sort it out. Thats your only options.

I've never felt so patronised!!

I agree it's the provider there's no doubt!, I am experiencing speeds from 56K days on a 6.5mb connection, this really does take this biscuit. they no what traffic is P2P, FTP etc and are fully restricting what they wnt when they want.

mark my words every user of Plusnet broadband product is being restricted, WITHOUT NOTICED.

think i'll be changing my ISP!!

oh and taking my recommendations with me, for the dirty little tricks your pulling on my connection.

shame as i have been with plusnet for years now, but the product and service for that matter is on the floor.

Good ridens


oh and for people at plusnet, and your pethetic little censored piece, if you can't speak your mind and my above post is deleted.

They are also lying to you about the fact that this is a forum.

The definition of forum (look it up for yourselves)

'Forum' a public meeting or assembly for OPEN discussion

God they'll be wanting to wipe your arse next....