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Poor Support Over Lost Emails on 6th October - 3 Days on!


Poor Support Over Lost Emails on 6th October - 3 Days on!

Posted: 10 Oct 2006 12:48 pm Post subject:



As a follow on from email problems raised in this forum.

I have similar issues with the email system. I lost all my emails since the problems last week. I can only use Webmail where I work and I lost 100's of important items from the inbox of my default account.

I raised a question on Sunday and had to phone the support line on Monday to get to speak to someone. I eventually got a 1st line techie tell me that it was my PC! how he could have said that without going off and checking things out I don't know - maybe they employ staff with ESP now? I work in 3rd line infastructure support for a major IT Co. I would be out of a job if I did that as we work to strict SLAs.

I asked for this to be excalated. Now its been 36hours since my question and still no reply.

The service is getting from bad to worse. Is there anyone in the hierarchy of PN who we can complain to?

Question | ID: 20448827

I have since had a reply from another 'CSC Agent' - who are they as this one just seems to be a callcentre 1st line support. AFter asking for this to be escalated I am discusted at the lack of support - I read about it in these forums - now I experience it first hand.

Again - who can we complain to in PN?

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