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Poor Speed and Support


Poor Speed and Support

I really don’t know what is going on with the service and support that they provide. It’s an utter waste of time and money.

I know that my BT exchange is showing red, but answer this for me please anyone; I say this is a plusnet issue.

Ok when connected to plusnet, ftp uploads & downloads, HTTP downloads (which fail, with server disconnections) P2P either slow as a snail or non existent.

Right !!!!! now for the fun part, using the same connection “Plusnet”, I connect an xp VPN connection over the top to my work LAN. Hey presto I can download upload ftp, p2p and download from IE with out any problems what so ever, the only thing I'm limited to is the 2mb connection at work.

So I’m thinking, ok my BT connection at the exchange is RED, but im still using the plusnet connection to the world wide web via VPN what can the issue be.Huh?.

I have come to the conclusion that it must be PLUSNET. But no they don’t have a problem and it’s BT.

Hope someone has some ideas.



Poor Speed and Support

I agree it's the provider there's NO DOUBT!, I am experiencing speeds from 56K days on a 6.5mb connection, this really does take this biscuit. they no what traffic is P2P, FTP etc and are fully restricting what they wnt when they want.

mark my words every user of Plusnet broadband product is being restricted, WITHOUT NOTICE.

think i'll be changing my ISP!!

oh and taking my recommendations with me, for the dirty little tricks your pulling on my connection.

shame as i have been with plusnet for years now, but the product and service for that matter is on the floor.

Good ridens

oh and for people at plusnet, and your pethetic little censored piece, if you can't speak your mind and my above post is deleted.

They are also lying to you about the fact that this is a forum.

The definition of forum (look it up for yourselves)

'Forum' a public meeting or assembly for OPEN discussion


Poor Speed and Support

oh and plusnet, if your not careful most of your customer base will be gone soon, for the games your playing