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Poor Service From Plus Net and Loads Of Disconnects


Poor Service From Plus Net and Loads Of Disconnects

I just wonder if anyone can shed some light as to what is going on with my connection.

For a while I had a very reliable 2Mb connection and even an 8Mb connection. However, since the weekend of 30/31st July I have been suffering regular disconnects. These sometimes occur every four hours or more often on particularly bad days every hour, usually at regular times like 20 mins past the hour or 50 mins past the hour. Both the adsl connection and internet connection is lost. ADSL comes back quite quick but the internet connection only comes back after 5 or so minutes and then only after manually reconnecting.

About the same time as I started getting problems I noticed that my upload speed had increased to 625kb.

Does this mean that I have been migrated to LLU? If so, is it correct that I should have apparently had some choice in the matter but no notification has been received.

If there is an issue with LLU, does annyone know exactly what is the problem and who is at fault? Is it Plusnet, Tiscali (who I also think are a bit of a joke) or BT?

I understand some other ISP's are also having/have had issues so will moving ISP's solve my problem?

Anyone know how good TalkTalk is?

I have a call raised but as seems to be the norm, it is currently being ignored.

Thanks for reading my post. Any views comments greatly appeciated.