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Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red


Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

Hi Guys,

I've got a 1Mb line, which is returning speeds of around 320-460 using the PN speed test.

I've checked the local exchange info, and the VP paths are listed as red, well they have been for a while (last 2-3 months).

I've done various trace and ping tests, and the loss in speed definitiely seems to be between my house and PlusNet.

Do I raise this as a ticket? or do I just have to live with the poor speeds since BT have delayed the work needed for the last two months Sad

Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

Exact same problem here, for the Walworth Exchange (Sth London).

It's now 22:40 and multiple PN speed tests show download speeds between 350-703 kbps on my 1Mb line although I constantly received 920-950 only last month. I've changed all splitters, removed all other equipment from the lines, and even tried 3 different routers. The later at night it gets the better the performance, but during the day, early afternoon, I was getting results from ADSL Guide speed tests of less than 128kbps on my business 1Mb line which costs me around £46 per month.

My MTU is set to 1500 (never changed) and I'm seeing no fragmentation between my client and PN's test server (using tracepath in Linux). I've tried reducing the MTU on my router & client to slightly lower settings with no speed increases.

I would love to know if there is ANYTHING else I can do (other posts from frustrated users appear to suggest there isn't), as PlusNet & ADSL Guide's speed tests along with ftp timings from all show I'm getting below 512Kb performance. I know ADSL isn't bullet proof, but I'm paying a premium for a 1Mb business account and don't know what else I can do except downgrade to 512Kb then at least be paying for what I get.
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Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

Unfortunately nothing you can do.

It's up to BT to pull their finger out and get it sorted.

The BT Law of relativity


Yep! sadly I agree with the above statements and from my own experience of dealing with BT they are never what you call fast at the best of times. Your completely dependant on "BT time" and this seems to bend the field of space time to BT laws of reletivity which dont apply in the rest of the known universe. You have my sympathy!! but DONT PANIC!! Oh! gosh I think I just had a BT moment just their too. Phew!! I think its passed now :lol:


Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

The ironic thing is I should be getting my speed doubled for free by PN soon....

Whoooo hoooooo. Can't wait.

Line speed & upgrade

Hi stephen1ntheuk,

Dont know what your current line speed is? but I've just upgraded from an older BT Force9 product self install ADSL Home 512K to Force9's new Broadband Premium service 2MB's and finally got the full speed yesturday and I can tell you, it definately was worth all the time and money and effort. 2MB's is wonderful and I'm sure you probably feel the same once you get it. Cool

Regards Ivan

Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

I'm currently on 1Mb but my router has synced(?) at 2Mb (since the free upgrades were introduced) so I now need to contact PN to up my account to 2Mb, but I don't have any confidence that having a 2Mb pipe will improve my misserable 128-400 kbps (for the most part) experience.

Poor Line Speed But Local Exchange VP Paths in Red

Interestingly it's turned out to be the adsl modem in my ZyXel router. I could do everything except get to any Plus Net address, rang support and they assured me they would block me from themselves, so I rebooted the router and it hasn't connected since.
I'm now running an older adsl router and getting much better speeds, although during peak times it is still down to around 400 kbps. Still, that's a lot better than 128 kbps I was seeing often.

I've now ordered a new Draytek and am trying to battle for any support on my ZyXel to get it fixed and keep it as a backup.