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Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.


Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

OK, I give up.

I've pushed lots of friends to and used to think they were the best. However, it's all gone pants. I call the support line and get told that queues are 50 minutes (that is pathetic in anyones book). I then call the premium 50p a minute line to expedite things, for a friend, who I recommended to and who has been offline for 5 weeks!!!

No answer from the Premium line, rings for 8 minutes then BT timeout cuts me off. Hmm...OK..I've emailed at the same time. Also started off the BT testing process via the website. After an initial response, nothing, no update etc. I'm now going to be asking for a months credit for my friend because it's basically not acceptable in terms of service level performance. I pity anyone else going through this. I understand that BT is having maxstream upgrade problems but the level off communication is appalling all round (the sooner BT gets fined the better).

Anyway, rant off, I'm extremely disappointed that have not communicated effectively and I feel a fool for recommending so many of my friends to them, I won't be doing so in the future.

My ID is Ballistix1 for reference Very unhappy. I'm sorry to see the service has gone downhill.

I hope you get it back, quickly.

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Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

Been suffering a very similar story, for over three weeks now. Problem still not sorted.

Just leave. I am.
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Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

Unfortunately I have to agree with the original poster that the support given by Plusnet at the moment is far from being the excellent one it was in the past.

I find that the new multi option telephone service is just a nightmare to navigate your way through and this needs to be changed back to the simpler system we had before.
Perhaps the massive wait for an answer once you had found the option you need without being cut off has subsided. But I don't know that as its been several days since I had to try and contact them. (and give up)

So Plusnet if you are listening to your customers you need to deal with the following as far as support goes.

I. Simplify the phone system to make it reasonable to use.
2. Make the ticket (question) system not hide behind the window that opens when the help wizard runs. This alone is making it very difficult for users to raise a question.

Hopefully you are listening and will do something to improve the current poor system.

Sorry but Moderator or not I like to call a spade a spade. Evil

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

I have had a fault for 1 month and the ticket is rarely updated I feel I am just writing a blog. The last update was its with BT and that was a while ago since then nothing

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

I agree, waiting for a response is behond a joke?

Seems questions are not even being read either?

Whats worse though is the website promoting....

"Plusnet tops customer satisfaction survey with 92%"

Thats just wrong and further frustating me..

I asked for my mac code and what it would cost.. i got provided a link for the portal.. yea that would be the link for this ticket that i have just raised? what you want me to raise another??

That was last week.. i still dont have my mac?

They are not telling me i have to pay.. which based on my calculations the ammount is incorrect for a start.. but they have not even told me how i pay?

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

I give up too.

I tried and failed to get telephone support !
I want to send my question online but can not seem to get to a menu that will allow this.

They don't make it easy!

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

All i ever get from PN is 'oh we are sorry you feel like that' - what kind of support is that? Is there ever going to be any attempt to fix these problems? *sighs*....

Help lines

Wow!!,here I was thinking as I was new(June 20) to PlusNet,and having read all these 'top reviews',that I was sensible in opting for PlusNet as my Broadband ISP.Oh problems!,and I am dreading my next phone bill,and STILL don't know if any REAL people have aany connections to the phone there.
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Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

Heh-- and according to the latest ?Which report their customer service is excellent! Admittedly the survey was before CS got fragged by MaxDSL issues-- we've not had recourse to using customer support so we didn't comment on that side of things. Maybe we should have reflected what was being agonised about on the forums when we filled in our responses! Wink

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

good god! im not alone! i cant believe how plusnet survives with all the bad things they keep doing.
i have been with them well over 12 months and tried to leave, but apparantley i have to pay something like £67 to do so in so called"deffered fees" plus they changed my usage from my original unlimited downloads to 4 gig! i have posted a topic along these lines and am very interested to learn about other experiances of this nature so i can forward them to the D.T.I and other such agencies! regards ray and good luck!!!

Plusnet support has become a joke, sadly.

Darn. They were doing so well too. It's pretty sad it's come to this, I think they had a great service and site and supporting staff. Actually, it's not their fault the MaxDSL thing but they should really over communicate right now to tell people what is going on. I could leave tomorrow but it's hassle, and they've given me good service in the past, it's not me personally being affected either right now, if it was, I would have gone by now, my internet connection is important for my busisness and being down for 5 weeks is nothing short of a joke.

My friend however thinks me reffering her to sucks and I'm losing the battle for her. Let's see if they can sort it out in time before I go on holiday Sunday. If not I fear she will just cancel and my other reffering friends (10 or there abouts will get the same hump if they start to get problems).

It just seems an awful shame that no-one can get hold of support and even the premium line isn't being picked up?! That's just madness, does the Director in charge of Support at know all this is happening? How about a statement about the current load and what is being done to mitigate it?

By the way John, my original post was in CAPS because I WAS shouting. Smiley I was annoyed, but if it's against the rules, so be it. Smiley