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Plusnet 'nosedives'


Plusnet 'nosedives'

"In the rapidly-consolidating mid-sized ISP field, Plusnet, once highly regarded, suffers worst in the customer satisfaction ratings compared to last time round. The Sheffield-based outfit's score nosedived 16 per cent on the back of a series of technical link:censored-ups and customer service gaffes reported on The Register. Plusnet topped the twice-yearly uSwitch survey only in May. The ISP's front end still trumpets the coup."

Time for PN to wake up and realise that there's a relationship between cause and effect.

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Plusnet 'nosedives'

If my experience is anything to go by, I'm surprised it's only a 16% nosedive.

I have tried to talk to technical support - after trying the "question" route and going round in circles with no answer to my "problem" (see Forum: Broadband Help).

I dialled the Customer Support number, selected the correct option, was put in a queue for 10 minutes only to be answered by....Sales!

Put back in the "proper" queue to be answered by....Sales!

Put into another queue - well, I gave up after 20 minutes and have written them a letter!! Says a lot about PlusNet as an ISP when I have to write to them!





I'm surprised its only 16% too. I wasn't involved in the survey of customer satisfaction ....... if i had it would have certainly been slightly more of a drop.

This service has become pathetic this last month or two. What the hell's happened Huh

I'm getting really fed up of it to be honest. As soon as i have time to look at other providers i'll switch.