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Plusnet is the Best , Christian Forshaw


Plusnet is the Best , Christian Forshaw

God i am coneced at last and its great,thanks you plusnet and sorry for not being patianant and for my spelling,
I this is great stuff thank you so much plusnet for putting up with me
Also is there a 1Meg package available or in the pipline soz for the pun.

RE: Plusnet is the Best , Christian Forshaw

Well at least one of us is happy....

Woke up this morning and my BT Lines simply dead, so im thinking its something to do with Plusnet/BT ADSL line activation.

Already spent this fine morning trying to tell my Parents whats wrong, but its like trying to tell your mother how to switch the VCR onSad

Wish there was some warning that the BT line might die also, oh well hopefully Plusnet are on the case! (I help posted on General forum)


Ah just realized after posting a reply to your thread about your line being down (should have read the rest of your username properly I guess).

I know there's a mager failure in the Wolverhampton area, but I guess that won't apply to you. Sorry about that.

Hope BT get you sorted out soon. By the way, if you have a mobile you could call the BT fault repairs service on 0800 100 151 (you will probably be charged for this call though from your mobile). This is the same as dialling 151 from your landline telephone.